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3 stylish ways to wear a scarf

Written by Lisa Mahoney


Posted on November 02 2022

There are endless ways to wear a scarf, which is what makes them the perfect winter accessory. We’re in full support of you getting creative with your scarf styling this season, and here at Mi Chica, we have a stunning selection of scarves to choose from. In our latest blog post, we take you through 3 of the most stylish ways to wear a scarf throughout winter, to add a little more personality to your outfits. 

3 stylish ways to wear a scarf 

Everyone knows how to wear a scarf, but have you ever considered some of the most stylish scarf fashions? Read on below for our 3 favourite scarf styling techniques:

  1. Belted drape

While the classic drape is one of the go-to ways to wear a scarf, we suggest adding a belt to take your style to the next level. Not only will this add more definition to your silhouette, but it will also stop your scarves from flying away on particularly windy days! We suggest using a thin, skinny belt around your waist to secure the scarf in place.

  1. Front tie

A front tie is a timeless scarf styling technique that adds class and elegance to any outfit. This is great for those thick, chunky scarfs that you could use to adorn a beautiful longline coat this winter. This technique is also super practical and one of the best ways to keep your neck warm as temperatures begin to drop. 

  1. Wrap

Add a little drama to your outfits by wrapping your scarves across your shoulders. This would work best with delicate, silk scarves where you can show off intricate patterns and detailing. Simply wrap the scarf around both shoulders and do your best effortless, movie star throw across one shoulder!

No matter your scarf goals this winter, Mi Chica has something for everyone!